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Osprey Security Capital’s wealth of experience and demonstrated results provide the assurance that your business will be strategically marketed for maximum impact in the sale process. As you contemplate the prospect of selling your business, various considerations may motivate your decision: 

  • Retirement 
  • Perceived changes or anticipated shifts in the market 
  • Costs associated with maintaining a cutting-edge business or insufficient capital to keep up with industry changes. 
  • Favorable market conditions for selling/strong valuations. 
  • Transition into a different business 
  • Relocation to a different country or state 
  • Challenges in family situations that affect business continuity. 
  • Health reasons 
  • Personnel challenges 
  • Family considerations 
  • Desire to enjoy the fruits of your labor, with more time for travel and hobbies. 
  • Belief that the time is right to ‘take your cards off the table’ and reduce the risk of losing or decreasing the value you have built. 

Contact us today to explore your options if you are considering selling your business or seeking an evaluation of its worth. Osprey Security Capital will craft a deal tailored to your individual situation. Leveraging our extensive contacts and broad network, we may already have a buyer in mind for you. 

During our discussions, we will outline your options and present a targeted strategy for connecting you with suitable buyers. Osprey Security Capital is committed to ensuring that you receive the best value for your business, securing the optimal combination of price, structure, and terms for our clients.”


As a buyer, you may be pursuing acquisitions for various reasons: 

  • Expanding into new geographic areas 
  • Diversifying the types of products or services offered and broadening your existing customer base. 
  • Adding complementary goods or services for cross-selling opportunities to existing customers 
  • Incorporating additional recurring revenue seamlessly into your current business model 
  • Achieving rapid growth through acquisitions may take longer to attain organically. 
  • Leveraging the cost-effectiveness of acquisitions compared to organic growth. 
  • Quickly addressing gaps in current services 
  • Augmenting overall growth 
  • Pursuing expansion or specific technologies and competencies

Private Equity

At Osprey Security Capital, we have extensive experience representing numerous private equity buyers. Acquiring companies in the realm of private equity can present added complexities, often requiring meticulous attention to meet financial goals within predetermined timelines. Osprey Security Capital takes the lead in identifying suitable sellers who align with your target objectives. We serve as your on-the-ground advocates, comprehending and aligning with your goals. 

Osprey Security Capital facilitates the achievement of your financial objectives by: 

Identifying businesses within your preferred industries. 

Discovering targets in new industries that naturally synergize with your existing portfolio. 

Providing insights into industries where you aim to make acquisitions. 

Channeling qualified prospects directly to you. 

Osprey Security Capital is your partner in propelling your business to new heights. Starting with the meticulous identification of key prospects aligned with your needs, we take the lead in pursuing targets on your behalf. We facilitate introductions and navigate the process with strategic negotiation. At the forefront, Osprey Security Capital actively seeks the optimal combination of price, terms, and structure to drive acquisitions that align with your objectives. Our targeted efforts allow you to focus on running your business while we spearhead the acquisition process. 

Founded on the bedrock of extensive industry experience, Osprey Security Capital serves accomplished business owners looking to monetize years of hard work. We also represent private equity and established companies aiming for accelerated business growth through strategic acquisitions. 

For Sellers, Osprey Security Capital is dedicated to helping you secure the maximum price and most favorable terms, rewarding your life’s work. 

For Buyers, whether this marks your inaugural acquisition, or you are part of a seasoned acquisition or private equity team, we serve as your eyes and ears on the ground. Our mission is to expedite your growth and help you achieve your quantitative goals through strategic purchases.

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